Small Businesses Can Make Money from the Internet with Blogging

I bet your small business can make money from the internet with little to no overhead.

Let me tell you how.

While working for a job I absolutely hated in 2013, I started to study How to Make Money from the Internet. One of the most important pieces of information I learned was, you need to blog. Any website you have you must be updating it at least 1 time a week. Even if it’s just to update old content or information. You must update your information on your website. The more active you at on the internet, the more you are deemed “important” by the bots that live in the search engine databases.

Most of your traffic to your website is going to be from people searching on Google or Bing and sometimes Yahoo. You need to capture this traffic!

If you post blogs will absolutely bring the most traffic to your website. And if you know anything about the internet, more traffic = more customers (MOSTLY).

Today while I am working on a clients site, I find myself mostly updating their posts to maximize SEO. This will hopefully capture clients already searching the internet for answers and get them to call my clients.

If you can do these things yourself you won’t have to hire someone like me to do them and you can Make Money from the Internet by blogging for yourself!

Blog Branding

If anyone is going to trust you on the internet you better make sure that your brand is representing a convincing entity. People don’t buy things they don’t trust. Make sure your website in general looks like it cost money to make it.

  • Professional Photos
  • Professional graphic design
  • Host your own website
  • Have an email with your website name on it
  • Name drop already trustworthy brands that you have worked with
  • Spelling and “voice” of the brand and fluid throughout


Blog SEO Keyword

People are searching the internet for answers and solutions that your small business can help with. All you need to do is find out exactly what they are already searching for and start answering the questions. Then, you can offer your premium services to them after you establish


Title of Blog Post

Catchy buzz-feedy worthy clickbaity title. Ain’t nobody clicking on your stuff if it’s boring. Use the SEO keyword in the title!

Be Your Own Blog Title Generator –

Blog Post Title Idea Generator –

Blog Ideas Generator –

Blog Word Count

Some of the keywords above are really popular to use and thus, have a ton of competition. Word counts on the blog posts say to the bots “This is a lot of information, this must be really detailed and the best answer to the search!” Watch out though, too many words could tell the bot that you are just typing gibberish.

SEO Keyword Count

Keyword stuffing is a thing. Balance is the name of the game. You cannot come off as spammy by saying the same phrase over and over again.


Outgoing links

During the copy of the text, you should be referencing other information on the internet. Just like this, Do outbound links matter for SEO? The more connected to the “web” the better your blog posts will rank. This tells the search engine bots that you are connected to the conversation of that the keyword. This will help you rank higher for those searches.

Internal Links

When you are creating blog posts, you are going to be talking about the same subject. You should reference these posts. Just like outgoing links, the more entwined you are to your own website the more important you will appear to the search engines.


Blog Page Meta Description

This is the paragraph information on the search results when someone googles your keyword. Your keyword must be naturally placed into this content. To have it “look” good in the search results it should be from 120 characters to 158 characters in length.

Keypharse Slug (link on website)

Hopefully, you are running some sort of WordPress hosting because you will need to edit the URL. (Yes I know, I am not doing that on this site, how ironic) People actually look at these. Most of the time, if there’s tons of gibberish, it doesn’t look professional and people stop trusting you.

Outline Organization

Your blog post should look something like this: (which is what I used for this specific post)


Introduction paragraph


information paragraph


more in-depth information


information paragraph


information paragraph


more in-depth information



If you can coordinate all of these things, you will be able to capture people searching for your services and products without having to spend money on advertising.

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