How to Print Pinterest Boards with the Images Only!

2019 UPDATE!! It seems that this is not working anymore, I am working on a *new* method and should have the post up by April 2019. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Every time I googled “Print Pinterest Board” all I could find was how to extract a Pinterest board to a PDF and then print the PDF. When I would print one of those the images, the text was overlapping and it didn’t look that great. All I really needed was just the images so I had to figure out a different way.

As I originally created this Pinterest board for an artist who needed inspiration, I doubted she needed to know what the image information was or where I was yanking her new material from (all the extra text on the bottom).  I just wanted the images printed and this is how I figured out how to actually do that:

Equipment needed:

Desktop Computer

Mozilla Firefox

2018 edit: You cannot “save as” using Google Chrome anymore and get the website information, you must use Mozilla Firefox

Open the board you wish to have the images printed from.

This is the board I used: Follow Randi’s board Angels for Sandy on Pinterest

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Easily Pin from Facebook

You can easily pin from Facebook in a couple of simple steps. No downloading the image required!

  1. You will need a computer
  2. Open and left click on the photo you want to pin
  3. Right click and select “copy image address” (it will be under save as) *make sure you left clicked on the image first and pull up the “theatre” version of the image (in step 2) Otherwise, you will “copy link address” and this does not work
  4. Open and click the cross in the upper right-hand corner by your profile pictures
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