How to Copy and Paste all Your Friends From Facebook Easily

Have you ever found yourself needing a list of all your friends on Facebook? Maybe it’s for a direct sales company project or an invitation list of some sort.  Either way its way to daunting to sit there and copy all the names one by one.

The easiest way to find names is to download the data right from Facebook!

You will need

  • Your computer
  • Your Facebook password
  • Access to the email you use to log into Facebook.
  • An unzipper program like ZipItFree
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Easily Pin from Facebook

You can easily pin from Facebook in a couple of simple steps. No downloading the image required!

  1. You will need a computer
  2. Open and left click on the photo you want to pin
  3. Right click and select “copy image address” (it will be under save as) *make sure you left clicked on the image first and pull up the “theatre” version of the image (in step 2) Otherwise, you will “copy link address” and this does not work
  4. Open and click the cross in the upper right-hand corner by your profile pictures
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